Heating Repair Service Tips in Portland, OR to Help You Be Better Prepared for Winter

Our Heater Repair in Portland, OR

Want to Make Sure You Are Toasty in the Winter Months?  

The winter months are upon us, and the last thing you want is to spend them in a cold, unsafe house. So do not wait until the full force of winter hits you before you address your heating system needs. Reach out to a reliable heater repair service such as River City Refrigeration ahead of time, as this will safeguard against potentially unsafe exhaust leakage, in addition to expensive heater repair bills.

Make sure you remain warm and protected this winter by the following these essential heating repair tips:

Safety First By Hiring A Professional HVAC Company

Avoid potentially dangerous heating failures by calling in a highly trained HVAC technician to perform any necessary tune-ups. A bad connection to your system’s electrical components can reduce the lifespan of your unit. Plus, a loose oil or gas connection, in addition to a dirty burner or cracked heat exchanger is considered unsafe, so don’t wait until a part of your heating system breaks down before getting it checked.

Your heating system does actually suffer when not in use, as it sits and collects dust and dirt throughout the spring and summer months. This means autumn is the best time to replace any air filters in your heater. A dirty air filter in your furnace will greatly reduce the flow of air, in turn causing your system to overwork due to dirt buildup. Your furnace has to be working in a clean and efficient manner to ensure the right amount of air is circulating.

Breathe Safely With The Right Insulation

Checking your heater’s flue is important to ensure the exhaust is safe and exiting your home. When this is not addressed, it can lead to a number of health issues, or, even asphyxiation.

A skilled and trained HVAC service professional will be able to determine if flue gas spillage is occurring as it should. In addition to being a serious safety risk, when left unattended, leaks and gaps in your system will increase operating costs by over 20%.

Details on our heater repair services and products can be obtained by calling us today at (503) 339-3230 if you live in or around the Portland, OR area.

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