Industrial and commercial refrigerator services

When it comes to refrigerators and ice machines, you can not allow yourself to work with just any company. River City Refrigeration is a firm that offers it’s high quality service to customers in the territory of Portland, OR. We are a HVAC contractor that offers both industrial and commercial refrigerator repair services to it’s clients. We handle every job with professionalism and an attention to detail which will enable you to rest assured that the maintenance of your refrigerator is in good hands.

Refrigerated Wine CellarWe are a company that offers a long list of services for your industrial refrigeration system, everything from design and installation to servicing and maintenance. There is no task that our qualified professionals can’t handle. They are all highly trained and with a lot of experience in the field. Technical service, parts replacement, installation and maintenance, each and everyone of the services we provide will be done in a professional and timely manner.

The installation of an industrial refrigeration system is a tricky job. That is why our highly trained and educated professionals know how to provide you with a reliable workmanship that is up to modern standards. To create a durable and dependable system for you, we use only high quality materials that have proven to be the best for that purpose.

Maintenance and repair for a refrigerator of an industrial scale is not an easy task. It requires a lot of preliminary education, research and preparation. To provide you with a service that is impeccable and dependable, we hire only employees with a greater understanding in the field of electricity, mechanics and computers. This way we are sure that your refrigeration systems’ preventive maintenance, integrity inspections and repairs are all handled by professionals.

If you have a air conditioning system or a refrigerators that needs maintenance and repair,River City Refrigeration is a company that provides it’s professional service for both commercial and industrial needs.

If you are in the territory of Portland, OR and in need of qualified professionals, contact us on (503) 339-3230 and rest assured that your refrigerator is in good hands!