Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning Repair

Are you looking for a commercial air conditioning repair? Or maybe commercial heating repair? It does not matter because if you are in Portland, OR your search is already over. River City Refrigeration is the most reputable and reliable HVAC contractor you can find. Which means we provide heating, ventilation and air conditioning services, or HVAC for short.

Quality services for commercial customers

vrv unitsWe offer quality services and maintenance for commercial customers only. We do not go door to door and we do not service residential areas or private homes. We are strictly focused on commercial customers and pride ourselves in doing an outstanding job for hundreds of businesses in Portland, OR. Our expertise in AC and heating repair is the reason why we are considered the leading company in our field of work.
For some of our customers AC and heating can be essential in creating a hospitable working environment. Any failure on our behalf to do our job may have various negative results, from minor discomfort to major catastrophes. That is why we take our work seriously and invest time in selecting the proper technicians and tools for the job. We devote ourselves to high quality work and customer satisfaction. That is only achievable however, by a team of responsible and qualified professionals.Other companies may fail to realize the importance of employee selection, but we do not. We take pride in working with the best. air filter replacementEach employee is trained and licensed, but we never cease to invest in their skills, giving them the opportunity to develop their potential even further.

We owe our success and reputation to our team of experienced HVAC professionals, who specialize in commercial air conditioning repair and commercial heating repair. That is why, when you hire River City Refrigeration to do a good job, we put our reputation on the line and guarantee to get it done right. We are also a company that offers a long list of services for your industrial mechanical systems.

Call (503) 339-3230 now and become a part of our family of loyal clients that enjoy our impeccable services every day.